Thursday, February 16, 2017

Managing Winter In Ontario Canada: Watch Craig De-Ice

Watch Below  Craig deal with ice!

Now the question is, what are the seasonal challenges one might face when living with a physical disability? For us here in Canada, the effects of winter, late fall through mid spring, are when our biggest seasonal challenges faced.   It may seem trivial to some, until you face winter at least one third of the year.
This year we have been blessed with a not so normal winter, So far. Here it is February 13, 2017 and this morning the thermometer started climbing to plus five celsius!  Not common for this neck of the woods. But, warmer may be nicer, however as Craig was reminded today, warmth combined with a huge recent snowfall, and uncleaned sidewalks and streets, it isn't as great as it sounds when you can't stay home.  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Walking Wouldn't Be So Overrated If We Didn't Have Sure Hope

As you know we have called this blog, Walking, Way Overrated wanting to encourage anyone out here, that using a weelchair for legs is a pretty unique experience, that for us, walking is overrated. We both have walked, so we have some idea what is like to have functioning legs. And I know what it is like to get to walk with some limitations due to progressive muscle atrophying/wasting. But Craig, his legs were good and strong until he was in his thirties, he is turning sixty - five this year. 
Sure Hope
Now we want to make it clear that even though we may make light of not walking, we want you to know that doesn't mean we are not empathetic towards those struggling with new disabilities caused by an accident, illness, or diagnosis like mine. We may have a smile on our face but it doesn't mean we don't have difficulties. Of course we do. Especially as we are aging, we are both encountering the consequences of that process with the disabilities that we have. I am not going to talk about  all these struggles, unless I feel it would be beneficial. What we want make clear is that we would never be able to say "Walking Is Way Overrated," and mean it, if it wasn't for our Sure Hope. Our Sure Hope is in or Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That is why we have another blog. A part from Jesus Christ, we wouldn't be able to face each day with love and hope in our hearts! 

If you are interested in the Only, Way, Truth and Life Who loves here to check out Sure Hope Gazette.

We love you too! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Part 2: View From Above : A Canadian's Rant About The USA 2016 Election

Here is the second part of our newest video...          Couldn't contain it anymore. Here's part one of some thoughts, okay, a rant from This Canadian about what has happened since he USA's 2016 Election. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

View From Above : A Canadian's Rant About The USA 2016 Election

Couldn't contain it anymore. Here's part one of some thoughts, okay, a rant from This Canadian about what has happened since he USA's 2016 Election. 
Democracy Means what? View From Above in Canada...

LINKS TO Sites and Articles That We have watched and feel are respectable and credible resources (so far.), including sites we find interesting and informative, honouring to God. , dealing with topics we find interesting.

Skywatch TV

Next News Network (Gary Franchi)

Round Saturn's Eye (David Bass)

Puritan Pictures

Face Like The Sun (Gonz Shimura)

Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Mike Hoggard

Mark Dice (Viewer Discretion is advised)

Infowars - Alex Jones

Comments? Thoughts? Insight? 

Monday, December 5, 2016

LOVE MESSAGES From The Kitchen...

Food Is Love?!
A phrase I have heard for years. In fact I know there have  been times when I knew that giving someone I love food they enjoy, would make them smile. Proof for me was the day mentioned in our most recent video below....And if you want a great "Dad's Cookie" Recipe and a Healthier version, just press pause when the one you want pops up.

Thanks for having fun with us! Hope you have a great day!!
And thanks dear husband for receiving my messages of love :o)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

NEWS FLASH! My Man In Motion...Craig's Wheels, Old...Now New!!

Finally, after adjusting from a desktop computer, testing an IPad, and compromising with my first ever lap top... I have completed the long awaited, much anticipated "Craig Gets His New Wheelchair!" expose :o)
Because he has had it for a couple of months, it isn't new anymore, but hey, better late than never. It made me happy to know that my dear husband has gone from a very old (in chair years), literally falling apart wheelchair to a brand new, safe set of wheels! Never before have I seen, nor have any of my old manual chairs been used to the point that pieces can be pulled off! Take a look in the video below to see what I am talking about.
Are You Looking for a new Wheelchair? 
When it comes to Craig and I, we both  recommend the QUICKIE brand. So we are biased. We do recommend researching brands. These days online, it is easy to check out actual chairs and the companies and all the models available as well as, having access to the feelings, thoughts and reviews of actual wheelchair users. Who better to ask than actual users! As a wheelchair user most of my fifty years of life, it always bothered me when mobility equipment and such is designed by non-users.
Watch Craig's First Day With His New Chair And Two Months Later!
Click here or the YouTube video  image below!)

Why Walking Way Overrated?
It is one reason why we are here at Walking Way Overrated, sharing our thoughts on many related topics. It is our hope to offer useful information to assist any fellow wheelchair users or interested persons. After all, I know how often I research daily, topics of all kinds. I love it when I can find real people, withe real experiences and advice about whatever subject I maybe trying learn about. It helps me a lot to know I am not alone.

So we hope if you like this article please share it, like it and subscribe to keep posted! We really appreciate all the support we can get.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yay! Craig's New Manual Wheelchair Is In Motion!

Yay, it has been a while, but I have been planning on sharing more...until I get the time to....Good News! Craig got his new Quickie 2 Manual Wheel Chair. He has his Xtender wheels mounted on so that is why the wheels look the same. But hey, look at the new colour, CANDY RED!" He is enjoying having a chair that is actually connected in all the right places. Stay tuned and I will be sharing more soon! (Still getting used to our new lap top).
See ya soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Last time I was here was to share a bittersweet event. What was that, you ask? Our iMac 27 inch, late 2009 computer was in near death mode. That meant it was time to find a suitable replacement that could carry out the tasks I need to do every day...well, almost every day. Not wanting our computer to have dual duty as our television anymore, it was obvious we wouldn't fork over the huge amount that the original iMac cost. Don't get me wrong, after years of PC ownership, the last six years as an iMac user has been remarkably better. Multi tasking, video producing, working with graphics and word processing, as well as bookkeeping and such...oh ya, watching Youtube videos and other moving images while I worked away, basically problem free. So Apple, for me (thanks to my dear nephew's recommendation) has been a great system.
But it just wouldn't be feasible to take it to the dealer for diagnosis and repair, if possible. I just discovered my particular iMac has been classified as "vintage." That means it is not possible to purchase new replacement parts. Yes, that includes the official Apple dealer in our region. In fact, they were the ones who informed me of my iMac's old age classification and what it meant.
Here is one of the things I love to do on my computer, draw! 

What About The iPad Air?
If you read the previous post, then you know I was please with the newly purchased iPad Air. It was a simple to use and mobile device. Mind you, I didn't have a case yet, so I was very paranoid about dropping it. That meant I kept it snuggled and propped up in a box. Determined to make it work to avoid spending more money on a new computer, I had ordered cords and such in an attempt to access my back up hard drive. You see the one annoying, big deal about the USB ports. That means it is the same as using your phone or other hand held device. I knew that prior to purchasing. It was a bigger deal than I realized. My computer is used not just to blog like I am now, but to draw (I am an artist after all), edit and produce videos, and run A Bergie Creation, my online Etsy Shop. No, I do not play video games. Did that back in the Pac Man days, and boy was it addictive!
Using the iPad Air would have worked if I had no choice. In fact, I was re-typing out all my Pages documents needed for my Personal Care Attendants. Hiring them means documentation, scheduling and preparing quarterly reports and all that fun stuff. Yes, iPads come with the fundamental programs like Pages and iMovie, but I couldn't get them off my back up drive because of the inability to plug in my back up drive that contained those documents. Bit by bit, the necessary documents were being re-written.
iCloud, A New Necessity
What about iCloud? Well, yes, when my iMac first because shutting down spontaneously, I did back up documents onto my iCloud account. Unfortunately, wouldn't ya know it, I missed some key files. Argh! Needless to say, I definitely have concluded that it is time to depend on iCloud for all important files and photos. It is far less stressful that worrying about losing the ability to read the back up drive. No, I do not know if you can use iCloud for PC's. I say that because I did consider the possibility of switching to an inexpensive PC lap top instead of Apple World. For the countless non-Apple users, I know there are methods of saving your files on the "cloud" by other apps. Based on my many computer "deaths" over the years, I highly recommend making use of whatever methods available to protect your precious photos and data.
My First Computer
A long time ago, I realized that as convenient as a laptop can be, it wouldn't ever work for me. Using a laptop is a frustrating challenge if you have weakened hand muscles or other hand issues. My weakness means I am unable to hold my hands above the surface. For decades resting my hands on the area I was writing painting or drawing on, was the norm. It was why my first computer about twenty five years ago, was set up with a track ball device. I had been assessed by a facility that apparently still provides assessments and access to government funding for communication devices such as a computer. It was how I was blessed with my first PC. Even though my hands weren't as weak as they are now, they assessed that it may benefit me if I didn't have to move my right hand to make a mouse move. A Trac-Ball was a stationary device that meant I just placed my hand on the piece and rolled the ball with my hand to direct the pointer. To select and such, I could click the button on the right left and I think the top middle part. It fit my hand well. However, when it was time for a new computer, I didn't want to go through the government again if I didn't have to so I tried a "regular" mouse and discovered my hand could manage it well.
For me a laptop was never an option. Mostly because the key board is too deep for me to reach comfortably. As well, unless there is a way to turn it off, my hands and wrists rest on the track pad /mouse part in order to type, making it impossible to accomplish any proper key boarding. Knowing that brings to question what happened next...
In fact, even as I type this, my wrist is starting to hurt as my fingers use every ounce of strength, trying to reach the letters between "Q and P," not to mention the numbers. (Thankfully, I believe I am able to connect the Bluetooth wireless key board and mouse, that came with our vintage iMac. I just haven't done it yet). So yes, almost a week later, I was flipping through the Best Buy website where we purchased the iPad. For some reason, I have come to believe that Apple products never go on sale. Mind you, the iPad Air was on sale for fifteen dollars less, but I am talking serious discounts that really mean "on Sale." Well surprise! I just happened to discover that the 2016 Macbook Air was on sale for not fifteen, but a whole two hundred dollars less! In my usual impulsive manner, I declared to Craig (my husband), that he had to fly down to the Best Buy Store and exchange the iPad for the laptop. It just made more sense to be able to actually use a computer and not a hand held device that can't handle the tasks I have always carried out.
My dear husband helped me quickly pack up the iPad. Concerned it would sell out, I didn't have time to delete all my passwords and such. I booked the laptop online, reserving it for twenty minutes to pick up at our location. Frantically, I was telling him that he had to hurry!
"Hurry Craig! You only have twenty minutes or it might be sold out!"
He made it there. In fact, at first we didn't think it worked when the sales lady said she couldn't find the reserved one. He phoned me about it first and then he asked if the Macbook that was sitting behind her, was the one we reserved. She couldn't find our name on it, but once she looked closer, voila! There is was, our new laptop.
See, even if you have weak hands, wrists and arms like me, there are adaptive aids to not just help you use a computer but to play bowling like I am doing here. And if you look to the left, there are many ways that enable steering your power wheelchair using your fingers, head and these days there are even brain implants so you can think your chair where to go. (not a fan of transhumanism but, it is out there)
The Nopes And The Yays
As I waited for him to return my thoughts turned from, "yay a sale!" on Apple products to, "how on earth would I use a laptop?" Well, here we are a week later and I am typing with the keyboard that is built in. Easy? Nope. I do have to manoeuvre my forearms as close as I can get them, but like I said thanks to Bluetooth. Here are My Yays and Nopes...
Yay, I can use my wireless devices.
Yay, Once again I am able to access my back up drive which means no more having to re-write my important documents.
Nope, I can not lift this mobile computer.
Yay, I can use this computer like my vintage one.
Nope, it won't be possible to just bring it to watch in bed.
Yay, I can carry out multiple tasks without the lagging that happened with the iPad.
Yay, I get to blog, run my shop and I am pretty sure make videos!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

ASSSISTIVE DEVICES - From Jumbo Computer to Moderate Tablet

 Hi guys. It has been a while. The iMac 27 inch computer that we had/have has been dying a slow
death. Thankfully,  it hasn't died completely. It began flickering off  and on and then crash to a black screen. I panicked, believing it was all over with. But then, for the last few weeks it has  miraculously continued to work and not work. Giving me time to back up documents and research what to do. Which has resulted in the  decision to not purchase another phone computer, be an iMac or PC.  However, after using an Apple iMac for about  seven years from morning until night, I have concluded that I would prefer to stick with Apple products. But wanted to reduce cost and try something new.
 iPad Air 2
 I am sitting here  dictating into our new iPad air number two. It is doing a pretty good job at typing out what I am actually saying. Must say,  I am very impressed. No it is not as fast as my old quad core processor. If that's what you call it. But, considering what I needed for these days, this 9 inch lightweight  Device, meets my needs. Something I recommend, is to order a iPad case that folds Into an easel type stand.  Because my muscles are weak, it is easier to touch the screen when it is propped up. Besides, this thin tablet  feels too delicate for clumsy me hold without a case. Cases on can be purchased for under $10 Canadian. I will let you know the quality In 4 to 20 weeks. It is coming from China after all. Cheaper than $50-$80 from Apple. Yes, you get the fans bitten Apple logo, but I would  rather save the money.
Our iMac was 27 inches on purpose, because it was also our  our TV too. We only watch whatever is on like YouTube and Netflix, as well as television network website programs. No longer having the iMac,  meant we had to buy a new flatscreen smart television. According to a young friend our actual TV was ancient or antique.  It was about 1 1/2 feet deep do you know the old fashioned televisions. So we were able to get an iPad air device as well as a new smart TV for half the price Of a iMac 21 1/2 inch screen. Kind of a  relief. This is my first blog using verbal dictation so I am going to end it now. Stay tuned because we have a new log to make, about Craig's  New quickie wheelchair!!

Exciting to see what we can do with this new device. Not just the wheelchair, I mean the iPad which is streaming from our handheld devices. We only had to sign up for Google Cast! That was free!

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Here are some great You TubeChannels that have been produced by fellow wheel chair users. It is wonderful that there are so many folks sharing their wisdom and life experience in hope that, just as Walking, Way Overrated's hope, is to encourage and assist others who are living with or know loved ones living with physical challenges.
Most of the links are created by persons living with spinal cord injuries. Unlike us, my disorder was acquired before birth and Craig's too, but he did,'t face using a wheelchair until about thirty years later. Either way, the information is beneficial whether you are facing a sudden life altering challenge or are use to things the way they are. We never know what we may learn from others! So thank you to all these great folks sharing their wisdom!

Be encouraged, learn and grow!
Here are just a few channels for now, just click the name to go directly to their channel to see more....

Channel  #1 RueTo You- 
Spinal Cord Injury - Spasms

I Have Jesus Testimony

How To Transfer Without A Board

Channel  #2  Paralyzed Living - "Get Busy Living,or Get Busy Dying."
How A Helmet Saved More Than Just My Life
Bladder  Management After Spinal Cord Injury 

Channel #3 Jonathan Merchant
Jonathan Working Hard

Techniques and Technology To Protect Your Shoulders


Even though my husband has been using a wheelchair for about thirty years, he is still always learning how to do daily activities as his body faces aging issues such as osteoarthritis. For instance, up until about seven years ago, he would do a standing pivot transfer. Meaning he would stand up, hold on to his arm rests, carefully balance and pivot to drop down his backside onto whatever surface he wanted to transfer to.
Life Altering Injuries
One day as he was standing about to pivot, he noticed his wheelchair brake was releasing. Not wanting to come crashing down, he made a sudden twisting move to hit the bed surface, heard a wrenching, tearing sound in his shoulder. It was a memorable night, but ever since, he has not been able to transfer the way he always did. His rotator cuff was torn and mighty painful. In fact, it has never been restored completely. He has undergone physical therapy, has stretches and and exercises to do at home. Words of wisdom, if you have a routine your physio wants you to do, stay committed and do those exercises and stretches because if you slack off, as my husband has discovered, your muscles and joints, tendons and ligaments will suffer. The old adage, if you don't move it, you'll lose it, is true. Not to mention in his case, because he is sixty four, osteoarthritis has been impacting his physical mobility in his hands and fingers. Again, all the more reason to keep mobile no matter what it takes!
Not Confined to Our Wheelchairs, Just Using Them!
Like I said, if you are able to bear weight like Craig, you can stand holding onto your braked wheelchair and pivot onto your destination. Unless you end up with a a shoulder injury like he did,
Me and my older hoyer lift
then you need to find another way that doesn't involve standing.
As Life changes your abilities, it means coming up with new ways to make life happen.
The sliding transfer Craig does now, is the one I used before I broke my leg doing it back in the this photo when I was eighteen! It was only because of my motor neurone disorder, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. My arm collapsed while I was sliding from my bed onto my wheelchair. Plunk, I my knee hit the floor and I heard a devastating crunch. In my situation, I lost the muscles needed while healing my femur fracture. Mental note, when you live with progressive neuromuscular disorders, please remember to move your muscles as much as possible in order to maintain the strength you had prior to whatever it was that landed you in the hospital or cast.
But this is about transferring for persona who are able to do it on their own, without any devices such as a hoyer lift or even a transfer board.
Before I used a Hoyer hydraulic lift, I would transfer the same way Craig has been ever since the injury. I call it a sliding transfer. It can be done without any assistive devices. In Craig's case and others, it is often necessary to make sure the surface, be it the bed must be raised to a similar height as your wheelchair seat. Unless you are a pro, with great strength, sliding from surface to surface of equal height is the easiest.
Let's See How Other's Do IT!
Below are some very useful videos, the first one is from a cool dude, seriously he is :o) named Mad Martini! I love his Channel title, "Wheelchairs Rock!" So take a look at this to see the basic transferring skills that Marty shares as he enters and exits his car. And then we have added a few more useful videos on the same topic of sliding transfers.
Watch Martin Transfer Here:

How To Transfer From Wheelchair To Bed

From Wheelchair To Floor
A Variety Of Wheelchair Transfers
Wheelchair To Chair Transfer
Floor To Wheelchair Transfer

Monday, July 25, 2016


A while ago I said we would post the steps that Craig was going through to replace his dilapidated eight year old manual wheelchair. I apologize,  I haven't written since that day. What I can say is, the
That meant, the vendor representative had to come and finalize all the details and specifications of the chair. If you are in need or will be in need of a wheelchair for the first time, you will learn that just getting any old wheelchair isn't what is best. Yes, in countries where mobility devices are hard to come by, many will use whatever means they have to get around. In our country and I assume the US of A, a physic therapist or occupational therapist assesses your needs. In Craig's case, they made sure the seat dimensions were correct, as well as the height from the seat to the floor and the height of the back of his wheelchair. If there are weight issues, then they also need to make sure the client weighs under 250 pounds or maybe with the brand/model he is getting it is 260 pounds. He found out after purchasing the Quickie Xtender power assist wheels that there is a 250 pound weight restriction. Not something  you want to find out after you purchase a device like that. We discovered the warranty would be void if he exceeded that limit. Thankfully, he was under, but it sure opened our eyes to not assuming, the vendor will let you know all those kinds of details. I know weight can be a sensitive issue for some, but it is better than finding out after the purchase, that your chair can't can't handle your weight and can't be fixed under warranty. Be sure to do your research on the product as well as the specifications and restrictions.

Aside from those details, they also needed to make sure that he gets the special supports under his arm rests. Some people use their arm rests to lean on for transferring. Like Craig has done. It means standard chair arm rests can not handle the force nd pressure and require metal bracing underneath the arm part. Often when a new chair is ordered, a new medical cushion is required as well. Google wheelchair cushions and you will find many exist. However, we only recommend ROHO cushions. They are rubber, with air modules or cells. They come in different thicknesses and the air can be distributed evenly in one big compartment or as in my case, I have the Quatro version, divided into, you guessed it, quarters. Because I have severe scoliosis, the valve can be released, so I can learn one way or the other, let the air fill up more in one of the quarters, then lock that air in place. You never want to just use a cheap foam cushion if you are a regular, full time wheelchair user. You can end up with serious conditions that are avoidable like, pressure ulcers or osteomyelitis bone infections. And just plain, pain!
Supports Needed
Some folks like myself, require physical supports that can be inserted once in your chair. Or some have a specialized wheelchair back that can have lumbar supports that are permanent or removable, and/or swing away lateral supports and such - all to help keep your spine straight. Many, including myself, can end up with scoliosis as a secondary issue, due to poor seating or lack of seating supports. Sitting in a wheelchair that doesn't have proper positioning for your body, can lead to physical deformities that could be avoided if everything was well supported.
Patience Required
As for Craig's Chair, it was officially ordered over one month ago so today he phoned the vendor to find out if it is in yet. And yay, it is in their building! He is in desperate need of it because his old one is literally falling apart.  They told him that it isn't assembled yet. So he has to be patient along with however many other customers. An understandable thing, but hopefully it happens soon because the back canes that broke a while ago, are twisting and messing with the chair.
Since he has to wait, he just left to get the hand brake fixed because it is letting loose, not a good thing when you are transferring from point A to B. At least it is in the city. As well, the vendor has to set up the chair according to the specifications decided upon in the seating clinic with the physical therapist and vendor.
So that is where Craig's new chair is at as of this moment. As soon as there is more movement, I shall post some more!
Have a great day!
Any questions, comments or suggestions about topics, please comment down below!
Okay, that's not Craig or his new wheelchair! This is the olympic athlete Jean Driscoll! Cool wheelchair meant for racing!