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A Change Of View: Our Bittersweet Xtender Wheels Experience

Okay, was hoping to not write anymore about my husband's Power assist wheels. If you've been following this blog and the coordinated YouTube videos, you too may be tired of hearing about His Quickie Xtender Wheels - the not so good part. At the same time if you are someone who is seeking power assist wheels for your manual wheelchair, you will want to know about what we have discovered since we purchased these wheels to help you know one person's experience, so far any way.
Just yesterday Craig my husband, decided to go talk to some experts about spokes. As you can see it in the last entry about these wheels, he does have a handful of spokes that the manufacturer, Sunrise medical provided. (click here to see the details) . It was then Craig received a letter we assume that came
You can see at about 12 o'clock where the broken spoke is. The head is missing. This is from a while ago. But it keeps happening, we will find out when are dealer replaces the latest broken spokes. Thankfully the technician has been marking inside the wheel where the spokes are being replaced.  Pretty sure he will confirm that the same spokes keep breaking or at least in the same vicinity. This means there is an actual reason not just general wear and tear. Again, since it has been happening since day one and all three sets of wheels, there's no way this is because of General wear and tear.
with the spokes, about how he would have to now replace his own spokes, at his own expense. We want to make sure that it is clear, that we totally understand that parts of a wheelchair wear out. Personally, spokes for both of us have never been an issue. However, there is no doubt based on researching with friends, that Power assist wheels with spokes not just made by Sunrise medical, can have have spoke break more than any regular spoked wheel.   
These where demonstrator wheels that Craig borrowed during the third set of wheels Tapping and having the same problems within a week or so. Noticing a difference in the Quality of the spokes and how they were sitting in and tight. We took a lot of pictures because for some reason, the spoke installation looked a lot neater. You can see it when you look around the hub and compare the photos about with these ones. If you're interested that is.

They also looked stronger and we're not intersecting in vending the same way because all of the other wheels. At the time we foolishly thought that they had taken the conclusions drawn from the problems he was having and fixed the wheels. We actually thought he was going to get to keep the new and improved model. That was when they returned  set number two back. Same spokes, same problems. Sigh!

These are the wheels that came with his new quickie wheelchair. The spokes do  not press against each other. Unfortunately these wheels don't have motors, so as Nice as they look-they're in a closet for emergency backup.
In this case or model, we have concluded that how the spokes are laced or installed are one of the main causes of the ongoing issue. Laced is a new word we recently learned about spokes. To thread the spokes into the appropriate holes so that they can contact and screw into the rim of the wheel, is called to lace the spokes or lacing the spokes. Cool huh!
 Oh and yes the area that the threaded part of the spokes screw into, (just look at the rim of your bike or wheelchair tire rim to see)  is called the nipple. An odd term, but the proper term. All I can think about it baby bottles, ha ha.
Spoke Quality
So Craig spoke, pardon the pun, to a bicycle shop yesterday. Initially since his wheels are no longer under warranty, we were hoping they could replace another
They really are great wheels when 

we don't have to worry about broken spokes. 
three broken spokes using the ones Sunrise provided. Turns out the bike shop can't, because of the specialty hubs and all that fun stuff. Our dealer is great but busy. We were hoping to spare them from having to do it again. The rate of breakage is about one or two month, since it is ongoing and we hate to have to keep bothering them about it. Even though it isn't my husband's fault, it isn't the dealer's either.
However, he was able to get good advice from this spoke expert. He informed Craig that the spokes he had were not good quality- that they were made in China. Apparently the best spokes come from Switzerland.
As well, this fellow and the motorcycle shop he stopped into next, (a biker who also is a spoke expert) also agreed about spokes origin and quality and about Switzerland.
And, he too agreed that it was the torque on the wheels from the motors, made by Yamaha, helping to cause the breakages. That is just one other reason. In our opinion (and we will keep investigating), the whole overlapping, with bending pressure and yes, maybe the quality are the main reasons he has had issues with spokes since month one.
 Oh and yes, I forgot to mention, since the last spoke post, whena couple were replaced, three more broken spokes! And yes, as we shared a long time ago, the same spokes in the same general area and that same outer row, keep breaking- only 2-3, never more.
Just go see this blog for that whole explanation (click here). We believe that even if Switzerland's spokes are as strong as what,  titanium? That spokes from China would be fine perhaps, if the design/ layout was better. If it was quality, then why doesn't any other spokes break?

But, when you look at those wheel spokes and see how they bend ever so slightly where they intersect, no spokes should be bending at all. It is only 1, 2 or three on the outer row. And actually if you look at the hub/Spoke pictures you can see that there are overlapping spokes on each half of the wheel hub. So even the underside of the wheel (the part that faces underneath Craig's seat) has overlapping spokes as well, yet zero of them have broken ever, so far.

It is just been so frustrating that the company that makes the wheels doesn't see the design flaw or at least talk to Craig about it. It only makes sense that the problem is the way the spokes are laced. That outer row in most of the spokes, are pressing too hard on the intersecting spoke. Okay, I will stop analyzing the spokes.

Craig's Change of Heart
Again, if you have been following this saga, you will know that Craig and I have agreed to disagree on recommending these wheels. No doubt, we both concur that when the spokes are intact, they're wonderful for Craig's shoulders and mobility. They are a wonderful assistive device. He can even get up hills that he couldn't before. So of course we would recommend them wholeheartedly, Power assist wheels for anyone in need of them.
But, since Craig has patiently waited and endured this repetitive problem with no contact since last year (other than the recent letter"Cutting him off" spoke replacement last month) to try to resolve the problem, even he can now no longer recommend the Xtender wheels with a clear conscience, to anyone, at this point. Of course, if the company would address the actual issue, making the proper changes to help the spoke layout work better and perhaps even provide the strongest spokes possible if that is part of the reason, then he would happily change his mind.
Not to mention acknowledging that even though they told him, he is the only one to have ongoing spoke breakage, he is not. Why must they say that when it is not the case? Disappointing.

But for now, I thought it important to share that even Craig, one of the biggest quickie Xtender power assist wheel endorsers - even through hard times, MAINTAINING A POSITIVE attitude about it all, can no longer recommend them based on the overall experience and where things are at right now. He even recommended them so enthusiastically in the beginning, that he knows of one or two folks who actually bought them!

Wanting my husband to get better care from the manufacturer, I do what I do, which is writing letters, documenting information by keeping blogs and making videos - in attempt to provide information to the people having similar problems (as one YouTube Commenter told us), researching specific products and issues,  as well as, being a resource, providing information for the company to help them improve their products and yes, ultimately to help my husband to hopefully have the best experience he can with their product.

Below I'm attaching a letter that I'm sending to wherever I can find addresses for Sunrise, as one last attempt at trying to get the company to listen and at least consider making the needed changes so that the wheels will be all that they were meant to be and to hopefully at least take Craig's experience seriously.

He keeps getting told that spokes break and they need to be replaced. But they keep forgetting, that spokes  even breaking since month number one, not just in one pair of wheels, but in all three - is not wear and tear.
What do you do for a customer who buys a product that obviously has some issue in part of it's design based on what is happening all along, but then later after the warranties over, they tell you basically, sorry, you are on your own. What are we to do? This is the best I can come up with.

Enough venting. Thanks for stopping by. Hope this helps someone. 

The letter I'm sending is attached below. Many of the sites need the letter to be under 500 characters, so I'm sending it through this method. Feel free to read it if you want. Obviously our experience has been a very public one, hoping to help others as well as the company.

Have a great day!
The Letter 
 Hello. I am not sure where to go, so I am planning on sharing this letter with blog/video links to my husband's ongoing troubles with Quickie Xtender wheels from Sunrise Medical, to wherever I can find a contact, who hopefully can provide answers. We have known what Sunrise's mission and values are as read here: http://www.sunrisemedical.ca/about-sunrise/mission-values
We live in Canada and have appeared to have exasperated our Sunrise Medical division because in the end, my husband was not treated the way this site states.

Leary about contacting our country's division, based on the not so great overall experience we had when being contacted last year by their representative and how it has concluded, I am trying everywhere I can. (Please know our vendor has done the best they can- it is out of their hands) In fact, it took a lot to finally get that someone from Sunrise Canada to reach us last year.

I am hoping and praying that there is someone, somewhere at Quickie or Sunrise somewhere, who can contact us about the bittersweet experience my husband has had regarding his Xtender wheels and help my husband instead of Canada's Sunrise putting a proverbially bandaid on a big wound - by just sending and now- no longer sending, replacement spokes. If this is not the place to send this, then please pass this on to anyone who may help.

Yes, his wheels are no longer under warranty, but since month one, he has never been without the broken spoke issue. A very specific issue. Of course we are aware that spokes and such wear and we must cover the cost, but what about if the trouble was never dealt with at all - other than sending some spare spokes (that just keep breaking). Now leaving him with no solutions at all and now not even spoke replacement coverage.  What is the story?....

We know why they are breaking, but nothing has ever been listened to or changed to correct the problem. Now having  Sunrise recently send a letter to him via our vendor, with no concern for this never ending issue,  inform him, that they will no longer provide the spoke replacements and offering no answers or solutions to the very original problem that began from basically month one, he can no longer, with a clear conscience, recommend these wheels. Personally, it is as if they just sent a package of spokes to appease him, and after enough time lapsed, they ceased all "care" for his situation. Maybe not true, but that is how it feels after all this time.

Here are more details about all that has happened from the beginning: http://walkingwayoverrated.blogspot.ca/2017/03/quickieyamaha-xtender-power-assist.html

We documented everything and  later trusted they would fix the reason.  It has never been his fault so why has he been stuck with a product that just does not work right - but could if the company would see what is really happening and correct it?
Why did Sunrise replace his wheels three times in the beginning (only after we publicly shared information ) and then return the second set, with no changes to stop the ongoing problem? It was never the motors, it has always been the spokes. The outer row of spokes to be specific. NO OTHER ONES ever break! We covered all that in our videos and blogs to help them see.

As stated in the collection of blogs and videos we made to initially document, what was happening- we were hoping to record the sounds and details to make information available to Sunrise and Quickie to hopefully help solve the problem, the issue has not been satisfactorily dealt with.

Why is Sunrise not providing the best spoke layout possible or redesigning the layout so the out spokes are no longer bending where they intersect? Why isn't Sunrise getting the best quality spokes from Switzerland instead of China. Desperate to seek out experts on spokes, now that he is no longer under warranty- he consulted with two spoke experts not our dealer. Both men told him that the spokes he has are made in China and are substandard to the best kind, made in Switzerland.  They can not help my husband anyway because of the hub on his wheels.
But it was an eye opener to confirm what we already feared. Not just a spoke layout that needs to be redesigned to help avoid so much breakage, but spokes (like our dealer said a year or so ago, the spokes just kept breaking)

So without changing the spoke quality and the way they are laced/installed - replacing spokes or not, does not solve the problem anyway.

Final note: We do not understand why my husband was told that no one else has had breaking spoke issues from basically day one, when that is not true. We were told by a technician that he is not the only person with this issue. As well, on one of our videos on YouTube about the issue we were told by an Xtender customer that their wheels were replaced because of the spokes! Clearly he is not the only one with this issue.
And the reasons make sense!

Things have not improved and the spoke design/layout and or quality remains unchanged.

I am sorry, but I am disheartened by what appears to be a lack of concern for my for my husband's wheels. He deserves to be taken care of like the rep told us he would be last year. Not to mention, I too trusted that Sunrise would take care of him...

Thank you for your time.

Monday, March 27, 2017

CHAIR MATTERS: Finding A Hole In A ROHO Wheelchair Cushion

You have to watch this video to see how Craig finds and repairs the leaks in his ROHO air cushion. It may even help people find tire tube leaks  for bicycles too.
Thanks for watching!

Friday, March 17, 2017

UPDATED: Curiosities: Strange sky sounds In Ontario, Canada.

UPDATE March 18, 2017
Thought it would be best to share some video compilations from other YouTube channels that capture the "trumpetish" sounds that we heard.  It is why the sound got our attention. Because we have NEVER hear it ourselves in real life until that day, But had been researching the subject on the net.
Source videos are at the bottom of the page.

 Hello everyone! Well I guess whoever is reading this, Hello. Ever hear of the term "strange sky noises?" It may seem like a really bizarre Post, five or six years ago I would've concurred. My husband and I, like researching current events, conspiracy theories/ facts, and various curiosities that arise on the World Wide Web, especially YouTube. No doubt, there are some very strange things out here, but we know not everyone could be making these things up.

In fact, in our city on March 11 2017, it happened... We heard it for ourselves. With the doors shut and windows closed, still a little too cool in northwestern Ontario, there were some familiar sounds coming from outside. I grab the camera to try and record the audio part and that is what the video below is about. We live on Lake superior, well our city is on the lake shore. In fact we are referred to as the lakehead. Because we have watched/listen to, a lot of YouTube videos Sharing that recorded strange Skype noises, the sound was very familiar.  not because it was a freighter, Tanker or a train horn - my husband has lived here his entire life I knows although sounds. It was very familiar because listening to News stories and people videos that they have posted over the last five years.

Here it is if you're curious.

If anyone has any idea or answers as to what I sound like that could be, please leave comments under the YouTube video. This is a family friendly log and channel, so please keep that in mind.
What is very strange, is the sounds was so loud that we could hear it, like I said, with everything close in our home. And yet, at both times when it occurred for about maybe two minutes or so, the audio that was recorded shows up in the sound waves on the movie maker program and yet, and some places I had to delete the video because to listen with your ears reveals no sound really at all. That is why the videos are edited to just when the sound can be heard Best. It is why I copied and pasted the two events a few times. Like I said, Google the subject strange sky noises, and you will hear a familiar sound. Very curious indeed. We trust God knows what all this is about. Maybe it is just some Bucket on a front end loader  scraping the asphalt somewhere? Kind of hope so :o)

Thanks for stopping by!

Here is One Of Our Favourite Guys To Watch and Listen To: L. A. Marzulli About Strange Sky Noises

Video/Audio Compilations.
There are so many videos on this topic, I just want to share these two for now. Viewer discretion is advised- unfortunately sometimes those recording are cussing. In This video the same sounds we heard can be heard aabout the 3 minute: 44 second mark:

Below the Same Sounds we heard are at about the 3:30 mark. Strongly suggest watching the entire video though.

Below: This on Is From Dubai (again same sound/tone)

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My Second Most Favourite Assistive Device...

Two great guys helping us out!
The power wheelchair has been one of the most appreciated as assistive devices that I've ever had. Or I guess we call it a mobility aid. Actually I call my chair, "my legs." Up until I was about 17, once I stopped walking I use a manual wheelchair. The hallways at my high school, we're long and daunting to push my wheels down them. As my arm and trunk muscles weakened, and I realized how much gravity was my enemy, it was A Real blessing from God when the powers that be, decided I was ready for a motorized wheelchair! At that point, I just couldn't do distances very well and fatigue was a big issue. So the first time I got to make those wheels or legs move, was one of the most freeing experiences I can remember. No more that I have to depend on other people to move me around. For
My first manual "lilac" wheelchair
the first time, even including when I could still walk (kind of looked like a waddling duck) - I was
able to go somewhere quick and fast. It was the running that I was never able to do. Absolutely incredible to this young teenager.

In fact, as I write this, I am waiting for our local dealer to set up a time so I can have my first fitting
My first power chair. The broken leg....
well, another story for another day.
for my new Power seating/tilt wheelchair. The one I am in now has served me well. It actually has exceeded the usual life expectancy of five years by seven more years. Probably because I don't truck around the countryside like I once did, hasn't been able to stay in pretty pristine condition. But needless to say it is time for my new chair.
Adjustable Beds
But I'm not here to talk about my power chair. I want to share my second favourite, essential assistive device. About 25 years ago, again the powers that be decided that an adjustable bed where the head and feet to go up and down, would be a
good option for me. No longer was I able to sit up on my own. My personal care attendants would have to grab my wrists and pull to sit me up. Back then it was not as difficult as it is today. Back then, I did not realize how valuable that bed would be to my quality-of-life. Just like my power wheelchair, the adjustable bed gives me freedom to be able to change position without strain and pain. These days it is unimaginable to go without a bed that can sit me up. Not to mention a bed that while on my back, can put me in a comfortable position.

Well after experiencing a lot of difficulties with our adjustable bed last year, doing things like moving up or down when I wasn't pressing any buttons on our wireless remote control. I started to try to fix, clean and pretty much repair the two remotes we have. Anxiety about losing the ability to sit up and position on my own, definitely began to increase. To spare you from all the details, let's just say after
This was "normal" for how our remote looked
much investigation of the actual bed and motors and such, one of my wonderful Friends discovered the box that accepts the signals for the control. When she pushed upward, the red signal light stopped flickering and went strong and steady. She turned the couple of screws and the bad miraculously, has worked perfectly up until a month ago.
Well, it started to misbehave again. I opened up Remote control that has been taped up, sealed in a plastic baggie and the rubber buttons cut and pieced together inside. For some reason there were no signs of life no matter what I did.  Even at one point the batteries burnt my finger bit, when I opened up the battery section. Had to use tweezers because I was too scared to touch them.  It all looked the way it should, yet no signs of life when I pressed the button. Frustrated, I re-opened it up re-tweaked everything one more time...nope, no life at all. As I went to remove the batteries, it's fate was sealed. That's when the wires that make contact with the battery ends
without the patches
completely fell apart. That is something that I would never be able to fix.

After fifteen plus years of pretty much great function, it was time to face reality and figure out what our options were. As I googled what I could think of about adjustable beds and remote controls, the company name popped up. I had forgotten it. Assuming it was too old to even get a remote, I thought we better phone. The company is Leggett and Pratt in South or North Carolina. The first fellow I spoke with knew who I was just from the number inside my broken down remote or "hand wand" as I see they call it now. He was kind and obviously kept consulting with the technicians because I was on hold off an on. Armand said we would have to replace the "Jump Box," or updated electronics because our bed was just too old. He said our bed was also under a twenty year pro-rated
warranty. That meant that the cost was cut down a bit. Not sure if we should get both beds replaced because of costs, I said we would call back. In under three minute, we decided having only one bed working, would wreck the bedding and mattress foam. Calling back right away, we couldn't get the nice man again and had another service representative. To make a long story shorter, the new person told us we didn't need those parts, just new remotes. Puzzled, I said okay please send two controls.

Within three days we had the new remotes. Opening the box, I had a feeling it wasn't what we needed. After more calls, we were emailed a programming booklet - tried everything and nothing happened. The next day, after a long time of investigation and info gathering, we went from yes, this is the right remote, to we need to switch out the system. Turned out the first person was totally correct. All the service people we nice and friendly and as a bonus, we were told because of how everything had been, we didn't have to pay for the J-Boxes. It was great relief to hear that.

So for anyone with an adjustable bed that needs help. You may be able to get help  even if it is really old. Our bed is a great. The first one I had years ago had a broken head up motor, that my dad replaced with the foot motor- since sitting up is most important for my needs. Not sure of that brand, but the L & P brand, is durable and aside from a loose box and worn out remotes, is still working great!

Thinking we had time because I had the last working, albeit patched and repaired remote control, we didn't worry about switching out the J-Box. Well, God definitely takes care of us. He knew we would need these parts as soon as possible. He knew that only a week or less after receiving the control boxes, that I would be pressing the "down" button on the head part, while my friend and PCA Heather was waiting for me to be in position so she could assist me further for bed time, would go berserk! Suddenly, the bed begins to make a horrible vibration sound and at the same time, began
Switching the green box for the black box
going up, when I was pressing down!! I began to panic yelling! "Pull out the plug! Pull Out the plug!" Out she pulls it and the ruckus ceased. The modern beds, including ours, do not have a back up crank or anything. That has always been the "what-if." fear. What-if the remote breaks completely and we are stuck in the upright position?  Thankfully unplugging it reset the electronics and I was able to get it back down. My husband and I were concerned that the bed may begin to move suddenly, in the middle of the night.

Actually, the vibrate part is the massage function the bed has. Since in no way does it feel like a massage, I had put a piece of paper inside the control to block the contacts for the massage buttons. That's why I freaked out when it all happened. It has been blocked for years! Needless to say, my husband phoned a friend the next morning to see if he could help my dad to switch out the boxes. P & L made it sound pretty easy to do. Just hard to flip over electric beds on your own.

My Dad and our dear friend Howard came by the day before yesterday and we figured it out. Bummer part, we started with Craig's half (bed number 1), had the  old part unscrewed and realized some of the wire components were not sent. Since my side was the essential need, they put it back together and did my side. The company apologized and it should be here by tomorrow,

It was a great relief that moved me to tears, when I pressed the remote button for the first time and it worked!! Thank You Lord! Thank You for my Dad and Howard's help. What a relief. No more anxiety about the patched up remotes falling apart or being stuck in an unwanted position...not to mention the most important being able to sit up on my own, avoiding pain discomfort and injuries to my PCAs.

In Conclusion
Thumbs up for Adjustable/electronic beds! They are a great benefit if you can't move you own body. They are also great if you have any difficulties positioning or getting comfy. The severe scoliosis I have makes laying flat on an X-ray table, stretcher or a bed VERY uncomfortable. Our bed keeps me bent up just where I need it! Depending where you live, you may be able to obtain funding or partial funding from a government devices program, insurance plan or in Canada where we are, I believe if you have a prescription, it would be tax deductible as a medical expense.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quickie/Yamaha Xtender Power Assist Wheel Issues- An Update And A Review

The Spoke Saga Continues:
To anyone who was following the Xtender Power Assist Wheel journey, more like a saga, you know all this. If not and/or to refresh memories - details (lots of them) can be found when you click here this search link on our blog or search Xtender Wheels and Sunrise Medical there too.
Since week one or so, even though my husband loved these wheels in principle, because of the freedom he now had to move with great ease, up hills and to ease the stress on his torn rotor cuffs, (a common health issue for chronic wheelchair users). It was so nice to see him happy and free! I use a full power chair so I could totally relate to that sense of freedom! (I can picture Mel Gibson yelling FREEDOM! just before he dies!) okay, maybe not the best illustration, but you get the idea!

Well, instead of repeating all the details, please just check out all the Xtender blog articles here at WWO, most have corresponding videos. All along, I just wanted to video and visually record the sounds and details, hoping to help Sunrise/Quickie/Yamaha (Yamaha still makes the motors as for as we know) to try to figure out what was wrong. It has been outstandingly clear, to us and some others, that the issue is poor spoke layout/installation/design/quality, but they do not seem to want to acknowledge it to us anyway, and correct the installation/design so it won't keep happening. Yes, they replaced the spokes, the wheels....read the links for details. But it is still happening.

We have asked the opinion of spoke experts and it is clear to all of us that where the spokes intersect, the outside row of spokes are almost all, ever so slightly,bent ,because they are pushing so hard against the underneath row of spokes.

My first manual chair- never had broken spokes.
As a wheelchair user, that had spokes for about under 15 years, back when I was younger, never did I have problems Breaking spokes. Yes, I had to tighten them every now and then when I did my wheelchair maintenance, but that was it. Craig himself in over 30 years of wheelchair use, also never had any problem with spokes breaking. Only once when there was an actual recall on a quickie manual chair model. So we know that spokes for daily, regular use, spokes should not just be Breaking. Not at this rate, that is for sure.

It is so frustrating because it seems obvious what is wrong with their design.

Even more frustrating when you're told that no one else Is having the problems that you are ,with the Quickie Xtender power assist wheels. And yet we have heard that others have, including a comment on one of our videos about it. We know he is not alone.

Of course we know normal wear and tear can happen. But this chair didn't even get a chance to undergo normal wear and tear before the clicking and breaking happened and STILL is!

Needless to say, we shared all that was going on from day one. Past experience told me this would be wise. Of course if I had received contact from the manufacturer much sooner, depending on how they handled it, I wouldn't have felt the need to make sure all the negative parts weren't documented. There wouldn't have been a need to.

It was disconcerting because my husband paid a decent amount of money for a very useful mobility aid and we wanted them to work and to last.
He was recommending them from day one. Even when the early troubles began. I told him he should wait, but he believed all would be well and taken care of. He is way more optimistic than me. He was just soooo happy because of how easy it made his life. He deals with chronic pain daily. But because we didn't receive any responses at that time, from Sunrise and the other contact places I tried, lack of trust increased. So I decided to make an attempt reaching Sunrise through the Quickie Twitter contact page. (again, all of this has been documented if you want to see/watch) It worked! It was great to actually have someone answer questions and trying to help us.

They did the best they could by asking the right contacts they had. But clearly, they were limited in what they could do, at times they had to break not so good news to us. Such as, if my husband weighed 250 pounds or more, then the warranty would not count at all. Thankfully, he did not, nor does he weigh that amount. But, the fact that no one even asked Craig or told him prior to his purchase, it was quite a frustration to know that if he happened to weigh that limit, he would have no hope to fix his brand new expensive wheels. Would never have bought them.
Thankfully, he officially proved he was under that number, but nevertheless, just frustrating at hearing surprises like this. Not the Twitter person's fault.

However, after all that, since Sunrise did replace Craig's wheels each time (during the next period- until last spring) the clicking/spoke issue arose (always within a very short time the sound would commence), right up until the third replacement pair - and sadly, even the third pair began clicking with spokes breaking. Didn't take long.

Needless to say, the second I hear clicking from his wheel, my heart and anxiety rises....it has caused a lot of stress and unless something changes, will continue to do so.

At some point in time back then, we received a phone call from a rep from Sunrise who basically
asked me to refrain from blogging/vlogging about what was happening. Saying, they wanted a chance to take care of my husband before I did anymore blogging/vlogging. They seemed rather bothered by the public sharing of our experience.
Because of the nature of this whole blog, I record experiences and want to share our life for a purpose. She seemed to have no regard for the fact that, as I had recorded publicly, that I did try to reach them first, but never heard back, not until the Quickie Twitter contact responded. All very frustrating. Of course, we didn't want to have to share the negative parts of our experience, we had no choice. We felt morally obligated, to be honest, not just so others interested in this product would know, but to get what we paid for, trying to help them have as much information as the manufacturer might need to help.
I tried to refrain as long as I could, but the clicking/spoke issue continued. After the conversation with her, for a while, we did shared that Sunrise was offering good customer service.

Here we are today, one year later (almost).

When he was on his third replacement pair (same clicking/breaking spoke issues) the demo chair he got to use for a bit after the third set acted up. We were so impressed, we took pictures and sent it to
the lady that had called us, saying we were glad to see the improvements. We thought they had figured it out based on his ongoing wheel issues and our postings of recorded noises, that all would be cured. (click here for that article and the comparisons) The photos show how much better quality these spokes were installed, they even looked stronger, they just seemed all round improved. Click that link to see. We were really hoping almost assuming, that since even the 3rd pair of replacement wheels had the exact same issues, they would give him these demo wheels. It would make sense after all he had gone through, and they looked fixed. But sadly, nope. They quickly sent back to him wheel set number two, saying they changed out the motors, nothing else. Motors were obviously, not the problem, not sure why. They never said if there even was a motor issue. It was all spoke issues!

How do we know? Yup, in no time....the spokes began to click indicating a break. Darn! And the spoke overlap/bending issue had not changed at all. And now, here we are almost a year later since the second set were returned back (after going through three sets of wheels and a demo). But sadly, as you can see in the article/video history, just when we hoped all was a go, another spoke or two would break. (Click here, and here and here )

Well, based on a letter Craig just received with a pack of replacement spokes sent to the dealer. No personal direct contact since that period last year. And after seeing this morning, comments and thoughts from some who have inquired about Xtender wheels...I thought it best to write this update.
The long and short of this saga is, In the end, this Xtender experience, didn't conclude with any satisfactory results. Overlapping/outside spokes are still forcing down, causing bending and the heads, not sitting flush and sitting proper. (Not like that demo pair!) Just waiting for the next click, click....

Newest Update:

Last year, originally, Sunrise had sent a pack of 36 spokes (really it works out to 18, because every time the spokes are replaced, we were told they need to take out the over and underlapping spoke
(hence the reason for long and short spokes) because one is bent. We knew that!!
But like I said before, the dealer said while trying to replace the first few broken spokes last year (on I believe wheel set number 3) he said the spokes were breaking as they tried to replace them! So, we assumed they were, as suspected, faulty spokes, so the dealer would return them and Sunrise would replace them.

Just read this first: I am recording from the pertinent parts,
"Dear Craig,
I hope this finds you well, active and enjoying your Quickie products.
The warranty on spokes for the wheels for the quickie Xtender is coverage for one year against manufacturing defects. Last April we sent a set of 36 spokes (18 long 18 short) to your dealer for you. We have now received another request for more spokes since those are all gone.

SIDE NOTE: my husband never even had half of these original 36 spokes put on his
Xtenders. The dealer said he sent them all back! Why don't they know that? There were about maybe five or six spokes replaced somehow, prior to recently receiving this bunch, - even if did send 36 a second time - after the dudd spokes were returned, there still remains half or more of that other spoke set that Craig never saw but do not exist) Why didn't they count the spokes that were breaking as they tried to install them? All too confusing. We feel bad for the dealer in all this. They just want it to all be right too.
Why don't they try to do something about the ongoing spoke issue that could improve the quality and installation design, so the problem would decrease and give that improved set to my husband??

Back to the letter: "no other user of the quickie extender is experiencing this level of breakage with their spokes so we are at a loss to understand why this continues to happen. As a show of support, we are sending one last set of 36 spokes to the dealer to be used as needed on your chair. Once the these are gone, additional replacement spokes will need to be purchased."

This letter actually stirred up anger in my heart. After everything that has happened since day one, they kind of are implying they are doing him a kindness. It is as if they do not know all that has happened and has not been addressed. It was bad enough receiving the phone call from Sunrise's rep last year , expressing her displeasure at my blogging about the topic asking me to stop. (not forever) In noway was I slandering anyone, just being objective, open and honest. But nothing changed with the spoke issue/design/construction....Argh! And he is not the only one who has had this hapen. Why three different sets in a row? All the same issues. Not just one pair.

So sad for my husband to have to deal with this.

The Shocker Is...

When I ask Craig, he STILL totally recommends the Quickie Xtender Power Assist Wheels. Not to
mention, he still loves and supports the Quickie 2 manual chair because he has had not issues with them at all. He is a Quickie devoted fan, if only the Sunrise people would help him with new and "fixed" Xtenders. But, oh well. He and I agree to disagree.

So if you read and watch all the info we have, you can make your own conclusions. My husband is a dear man who deserves to enjoy his life with minimal need of wheelchair repair. But that is out of my hands. I am happy that inspite of all this, he is still a big Xtender fan. He is a bigger "man" than I am.

Monday, March 6, 2017

SHARING LIFE! Have A Bite! This Is A Cake Walk...Fun Life Events - Sharing Time!

Wish you could taste this cake....The best I can do, is share the photos. Since this blog is about our life, then hey, sharing the besets birthday cake place ever, Dagwood, makes sense.
Sit back and drool! Never thought I  would love strawberry. You have to watch the  video below to find out how I discovered such a delectable delight! And to see some very pretty photos. Getting hungry just writing about it!
Watch The Video Below!

My husband had this cake delivered by the lady who so beautifully decorated it. She wasn't given a lot of notice, and still made the perfect turquoise icing and feminine floral motif. Beats Cake Boss Buddy by far! Up for the challenge Buddy ;0)

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Wheelchair Basics: The Parts Of One - Wheelchair Skills - Basic Repairs and Maintenance Videos

parts Of A Wheelchair

Using A Wheelchair

Wheelchair Skills

Spoke  Issues

Replacing Wheelchair Bearings

Replacing Wheelchair Tires/Tubes

wheelchair tires 24x1 3/8"

Installing Flat Free Inserts

How To Build A Bicycle Wheel

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Managing Winter In Ontario Canada: Watch Craig De-Ice

Watch Below  Craig deal with ice!

Now the question is, what are the seasonal challenges one might face when living with a physical disability? For us here in Canada, the effects of winter, late fall through mid spring, are when our biggest seasonal challenges faced.   It may seem trivial to some, until you face winter at least one third of the year.
This year we have been blessed with a not so normal winter, So far. Here it is February 13, 2017 and this morning the thermometer started climbing to plus five celsius!  Not common for this neck of the woods. But, warmer may be nicer, however as Craig was reminded today, warmth combined with a huge recent snowfall, and uncleaned sidewalks and streets, it isn't as great as it sounds when you can't stay home.  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Walking Wouldn't Be So Overrated If We Didn't Have Sure Hope

As you know we have called this blog, Walking, Way Overrated wanting to encourage anyone out here, that using a weelchair for legs is a pretty unique experience, that for us, walking is overrated. We both have walked, so we have some idea what is like to have functioning legs. And I know what it is like to get to walk with some limitations due to progressive muscle atrophying/wasting. But Craig, his legs were good and strong until he was in his thirties, he is turning sixty - five this year. 
Sure Hope
Now we want to make it clear that even though we may make light of not walking, we want you to know that doesn't mean we are not empathetic towards those struggling with new disabilities caused by an accident, illness, or diagnosis like mine. We may have a smile on our face but it doesn't mean we don't have difficulties. Of course we do. Especially as we are aging, we are both encountering the consequences of that process with the disabilities that we have. I am not going to talk about  all these struggles, unless I feel it would be beneficial. What we want make clear is that we would never be able to say "Walking Is Way Overrated," and mean it, if it wasn't for our Sure Hope. Our Sure Hope is in or Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That is why we have another blog. A part from Jesus Christ, we wouldn't be able to face each day with love and hope in our hearts! 

If you are interested in the Only, Way, Truth and Life Who loves you...click here to check out Sure Hope Gazette.

We love you too! 

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

Part 2: View From Above : A Canadian's Rant About The USA 2016 Election

Here is the second part of our newest video...          Couldn't contain it anymore. Here's part one of some thoughts, okay, a rant from This Canadian about what has happened since he USA's 2016 Election. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

View From Above : A Canadian's Rant About The USA 2016 Election

Couldn't contain it anymore. Here's part one of some thoughts, okay, a rant from This Canadian about what has happened since he USA's 2016 Election. 
Democracy Means what? View From Above in Canada...

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